Susan Stackhouse

This year we did a complete kitchen renovation. My husband found creative appliances online and we met with Kris. He was very knowledgeable about the appliances they sell. We decided to go with Bosch. We ordered 5 items and are very pleased. Klaus did an amazing job with the installation as well. I would recommend Creative Appliance without question.

Andy & Marika Lathem

A number of years ago we needed to replace our old refrigerator which resulted in a complete kitchen redo….a luxury for us. We visited a number of businesses that carried a variety of kitchen appliances and consequently met Kris and Martin at Creative Appliance; where we purchased our range, rangehood, refrigerator and microwave. The service that Kris and Martin provided was second to none. Their ability to problem solve and commitment to customer service was exceptional. They were consummate professionals with a keen sense of ensuring customer satisfaction: all very much appreciated. Rarely do we recommend a business to friends but Creative Appliance has been an exception!
Andy and Marika Lathem

Andrew & Dawn

Our new minimalist galley style kitchen was completed about six months ago. When you have a smallish space and need the ultimate in efficiency, you need a supply partner who understands your goal and delivers with flawless execution. Kris, Martin and Klaus did all that and more. Our goal was a bit unusual, we wanted a hidden kitchen. Everything hidden and flush. Kris recommended a counter depth fridge, we new instantly Kris and his organization were the group for us. When we have a dinner party our guests just cant believe all these amazing Bosch appliances are behind cupboard doors and panels.
Many thanks to the team at Creative Appliances, we are delighted to recommend them and we do so often.

Andrew and Dawn

Pat Rothenberger

We had our dream home built last year, which included dream appliances. The staff at Creative Appliances were knowledgeable and helped us navigate the world of high-end appliances professional ease. However, Creative’s biggest asset is Klaus, the appliance installer. Not only is he supremely knowledgeable, but he is professional, kind, and unflappable (no matter the circumstances). He goes above and beyond to give you the best service and if can’t address an issue immediately, he finds an answer quickly. We highly recommend Creative Appliances for purchasing higher end appliances!

Mary & Peter

Home renovations can be daunting, however, solid planning and working with reputable and caring suppliers can make all the difference. We found that to be particularly true when it came to selecting 5 appliances for our dream kitchen. We can not say enough about Martin, Kris and Klaus regarding their knowledge, professionalism, and helpfulness throughout the entire process. Martin and Kris took considerable time to help us find the right appliances for us. Then they equipped us with valuable information on how to manage through the process so that install would be a breeze. Creative Appliances proactively coordinated with our cabinet maker to ensure a perfect fit at install. In fact, both the cabinet maker (Patti’s Kitchen which was equally awesome) and Klaus met at our home to double check at site prior to any install of cabinets or appliances. Believe me, this paid off as there were absolutely no last minute hiccups at install. Martin, Kris and Klaus demonstrated in spades that they truly cared and made our experience with them absolutely stress free. We would recommend Creative Appliances to anyone wanting a truly great product and experience. We love our appliances. Easy to use. Easy to clean. And very smart aesthetically and operationally.

Michael Pothier

A major kitchen renovation can be daunting. One can spend hours on the web, only to come out the other end even more confused than at the start. We made that mistake; we needed help.

After talking to various retailers we met with Martin, Kris, and Klaus at Creative Appliance Gallery. Their approach to working with us was subtly different from the others. They were prepared to invest considerable time and effort providing us with information to help us make our decisions, as opposed to trying to direct us toward a particular product or brand. After working with them during the pre-sale period we were completely comfortable with our decision to buy from Creative, and with the brand and appliances that we chose. In fact, we came out of the process having decided to add a steam oven to complement the regular convection oven that had always been in our plan.

When we placed our order, Kris went through each item with us, and then with his supplier (while we were present), to ensure that all of the appliances, accessories, and features were correct.

It gets even better; the installation process was completely stress free. Klaus is a master installer and very pleasant to work with. He and our general contractor had worked together in the past, they collaborated to address all of the normal little issues that arise when installing ‘built in’ appliances. No fuss, no stress, no blizzard of questions for us as homeowners, and everything fit and worked perfectly. Klaus is an accomplished technician who takes pride in his work and takes the time to ensure that the installation is very professional.

To say that we were satisfied would be an understatement. We have no hesitation in recommending Creative Appliance Gallery.

Michael & Betty Ann.

Fred Crooks

We have just purchased our first appliance from Creative – a dishwasher. A very favourable and completely different experience from previous purchase experiences. They are very knowledgeable, accessible and have staff on the ground to support information and service requirements. No more sitting on the phone with an offshore service repair centre being put through useless paces. In a word, they are excellent. The kind of retail appliance experience Nova Scotia has needed for some time.

J&R MacDonald

Our overall experience was great. We commend you and your team for your professionalism and expertise! We appreciate the care you took in protecting our floors when bringing in the appliances and also when placing them in the kitchen. You did an amazing job installing the appliances. All of the appliances are fabulous : they are gorgeous and work great. We are still discovering new things that they can do! We love everything!!! We are truly pleased with our overall experience from the first time we walked into your store and all through the process of choosing our appliances right to the installation. You are very knowledgeable about your appliances and whenever we had questions you were able to answer them or you did not hesitate to search for an answer for us. Your customer service far exceeded our expectations.